Website Purpose

The present purpose of this website is to raise awareness of Longleat's proposed cable cars etc developments in the upper part of Cheddar Gorge, and how you can object to their plans.
  • See Longleat's Consultation pdf. 
  • Longleat Enterprises Ltd can build things only on land that it owns, and only if it gets planning permission from Sedgemoor District Council.
    1. Longleat owns: the whole of the south side of Cheddar Gorge, including the land at the top; Cox's Mill; and many, but not all shops in the Lower Gorge.
    2. The National Trust owns the north side of Cheddar Gorge.
    3. Bristol Water owns the lake and the water works along the Gorge.
    4. The B3135 road through the Gorge is a public highway.
  • Longleat intends to apply to Sedgemoor District Council for planning permission to carry out this development.  We don't know exactly when they will apply for planning permission.  It could be soon after their second Public Consultation, for which we do not yet have a date. 
  • This website aims to provide information to help you express your opinions in a manner more likely to influence the planning decision.   
  • From the date when the planning application is submitted, you have 21 days in which to comment on the details, and it is much better to say what you think as soon as possible. 
  • Our "How to comment" page on this website, which aims to help you make your own objections into your own words.  Everyone can have an opinion, and everyone's opinion can count.  
  • Numbers matter: genuinely individual comments by different people expressing their own views is what counts, particularly if you have a unique point to make. 

Page updated 06.02.2013