National Character Area (NCA) 141 Mendip Hills

NCA 141: Mendip Hills Key Facts & Data: 

the most immediately useful summary

best available facts and information

  • Describes the unique qualities of the Mendip landscape.

  • Provides solid evidence to guide planning and management decisions.

  • The full Mendip Hills NCA Profile is due to be published by April 2014.  It will update the previous Joint Character Assessment (JCA) in this pdf

  • Also of interest: Sedgemoor Landscape Assessment and Countryside Design Summary, see Sedgemoor Policies page on this website.

Related Policy

NCA descriptions, and the use of them in planning decisions, is on the following basis:

  • European

The UK signed the European Landscape Convention (2007), which aims to maintain and improve landscape quality; and get everyone to recognise the value and importance of landscape, e.g. when making development proposals and planning decisions.

  •  National

The UK implemented this convention in the Natural Environment White Paper (NEWP), The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature (7 June 2011).  This NEWP is steadily being put into everyday practice in lots of different ways, link.  (A white paper is a government policy document.)

  • Local

These European and UK policies are realised in the Sedgemoor Core Strategy as Policy D14, which seeks to protect against adverse impacts on landscape character due to new development.   Link to Sedgemoor's Planning Policy.   

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