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Why doesn't KCG give credit to Longleat for all the work it does?   It is true that Longleat does a lot of work managing the scrub and loose rock on the cliffs, and this is a big expense for Longleat.   However, they are not entitled to fund those works by spoiling the gorge or by installing developments that go against the protective designations (AONB and Special Area of Conservation).  Any solution to high management costs has to be found within the environmental limits and planning constraints.

Who is KCG?  Is it one person or many?  All sorts of different people support KCG.  KCG has one person speaking on behalf of all of the many KCG supporters. 

England's natural environment: what are our national 'environmental issues'?  See this  DEFRA link  (DEFRA=Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs).

Environment in Cheddar Gorge: what  'environmental issues'  are there to consider regarding developments in the gorge?  It's a long list.  Key themes are: climate change, landscape quality, biodiversity and geodiversity, historic environment and cultural heritage, land uses such as water management, public access and participation, development impacts.  Plus, there's all the legislation.  For a longer answer, see pages 22-23 in this AONB, Scoping Report December 2012, link.   Legislation is listed at pages 6-16 in the same report.

Biodiversity: what is it?  Biodiversity is the variety of all life.  It is all species of animals and plants alive on earth.  It's important for its own sake, and human survival depends on it.  Link to biodiversity in Somerset.

Ecosystems: what are they?  Ecosystems services come from biodiversity.  The complex systems linking all living things provide us with many benefits, often taken for granted.  See more on page 5 of this link to ecosystems in Somerset

Geodiversity: what is it?  Geodiversity is "the variety of rocks, minerals, fossils, soils, landforms and natural processes."  Link to answer  Why is it important?  Link to answer

Cable cars elsewhere: why not in the gorge?  Each location and planning application has its own unique set of constraints.   In the gorge, statutory constraints are primarily the gorge's beautiful and wild landscape character, and it's very special importance in biodiversity, geodiversity and ecosystems conservation.  These valuable natural assets are protected under English and European law and by legally binding international conventions.