Legislation & Policy

The environment is so important to humanity everywhere that there are long-standing and continuing global efforts to work out how we may all live within the resources of just one planet.  E.g. Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services link

  • So, environmental laws, policies and strategies originating in the United Nations, come here to Cheddar Gorge, Sedgemoor and Somerset, via the European Commission and the United Kingdom parliament. 

  • This is because successive British governments have agreed numerous legally binding conventions, and have implemented further UK laws, policies and strategies to put those international commitments into effect. 

  • All this legislation etc now leads and constrains decision-making about the environment and developments in the Mendip Hills AONB. 

  • See legislation list on pages 6-16 in the AONB Scoping Report December 2012, pdf (26 pages) 

Planning decisions about proposals for development in Cheddar Gorge have to be decided in accordance with all the above legislation, which is put into effect locally through Sedgemoor's Core Strategy link

Sedgemoor Development Committee ("planners"), and other local organisations, have various statutory duties to make sure that development proposals and decisions on planning applications fit with this legislation.  These are particularly: