Habitats Regulations

The regulations operate on a 'precautionary principle,' i.e. consent for development cannot be given unless it is ascertained that there will be no adverse effect on the integrity of the site.  JNCC Link

Natura 2000 July 2012 Newsletter:

Celebrating 20 years of the Habitats Directive

Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 link consolidates into UK law the EU Habitats Directive, and the UK's other prior national legislation and legally binding international Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) linkThese EU and UK Habitats Regulations control potentially damaging operations and developments in SACs. 

When there is a proposal to site a development in the North Somerset & Mendip Bats SAC, Sedgemoor District Council (as the relevant authority), must undertake an “appropriate assessment” to show that the integrity of the site will not be adversely affected.

  • Somerset County Council's page on Habitats Regulations link


Natural Environment White Paper (NEWP, 2011), The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature link.  (A white paper is a government policy document.)  The NEWP is a further UK implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) link.  


  • Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England's wildlife and ecosystem services  link  is the English implementation of the international revised and updated CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 link

  • Biodiversity in Somerset, Somerset Wildlife Trust link  

  • Somerset County Council's page on Biodiversity link

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