National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)  link

  Sets out national planning policies, which include policies on the protection of biodiversity and geological conservation that replace the earlier Planning Policy Statement 9: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation (PPS9).

Circular 06/05: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: statutory obligations and their impact within the planning system    link

Updates and reinforces the national planning policy in PPS9 and the accompanying good practice guide; provides administrative guidance on the legal requirements relating to planning and nature conservation.


Planning for Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: A Guide to Good Practice   link  

Provides good practice guidance on ways regional planning bodies and local planning authorities can help deliver the national policies in PPS9 and comply with legal requirements set out in the Circular 06/05 (above).  

Growth & Infrastructure Bill 

Still being amended and debated. 

Updates on the progress of the Growth & Infrastructure Bill through Parliament link

5 Nov 2012: BBC news on Growth & Infrastructure bill link

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