Sedgemoor Local Development Framework (LDF) This sets out the Council's policies for managing and controlling development and the use of land.  The Core Strategy is the main LDF policy document, but further documents form part of the LDF, or the evidence base that underpins it.  See Sedgemoor's Local Development Framework Newsletters link

Sedgemoor LDF Core Strategy (adopted October 2011)

The Core Strategy (adopted 12th October 2011) replaces the Sedgemoor District Local Plan 1991-2011 as the 'development plan' for the District link.

The Core Strategy itself underwent a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) link  to ensure that Core Strategy policies will have 'no adverse impact on the integrity' of designated sites, e.g. North Somerset & Mendip Bats SAC.

Measures have been specified in the HRA report that will ensure avoidance of any actual adverse effect by Core Strategy policies on designated sites, e.g. North Somerset & Mendip Bats SAC.

Adopted Design Guides 

Following recent consultation, both Design Guides below were adopted on 27 March 2013 link as components of the Council's Local Development Framework. link   

The ongoing consultation re Cheddar Parish Neighbourhood Plan link: this might or might not endorse, replace or update the Design Guides, e.g.

  • Cheddar Gorge Design Guide (Sedgemoor DC, August 1995)

  • Sedgemoor Landscape Assessment and Countryside Design Summary


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