Before the planning application is submitted:

1.  Please let us know if we can count on your support: numbers matter.
email <> so we can keep you posted

2. Find out what is planned and what would be lost or spoilt: see Longleat plans  ,
and our Cheddar Gorge Weblinks page on this website.

3.  Get ready
to respond to the planning application (if one is submitted).  For good information booklets on how to respond, see links on our Planning FAQ page.

4.  Raise awareness
, make sure everyone you know is thinking and talking about it, and knows what to do when a cable car planning application is submitted. 

5.  Write
to the newspapers etc., particularly if you have a unique or new point to make.  See examples on our Letter Links page. 

6.  Lobby
the organisations directly involved to make your views known: see our separate page on who to lobby.

7.  Leaflet-Poster:
Look out for our leaflet-poster being delivered soon through Cheddar letterboxes.  Please show your support by putting it as a poster in your window.

8. Sign Petition: Look out for our petitions that will be available to sign soon, around Cheddar and online.

9. Attend the Open Parish Meeting about all the Cheddar developments that is likely to be held at some point soon.  Numbers matter.  The more people who turn up, the better.  N.B.   Dates for all the Council meetings and committee meetings are displayed on the noticeboard outside The Parish Hall, Church Street, Cheddar, not online.  For other details and arranging to speak at a parish meeting:

For action after the planning application is submitted:
see Planning Pointers page.

Let us know if you can help in any other way.  We welcome feedback, comments, suggestions and advice.