Action call for all

Cheddar Parish residents.

22 & 23 February

Cheddar Neighbourhood Plan


Friday 22 February  15:00-20:00 hrs, Church House, Parsons Pen

Saturday 23 February 10:00-15:00 hrs, Church House, Parsons Pen

(see Cheddar Village website and http://cheddarplan.co.uk/ for more details.)

Reason for action call:

Cheddar Gorge will be a major part of the Neighbourhood Plan's Green Infrastructure. 

This is your chance to influence Neighbourhood Plan direction and content.  

PLEASE would everyone express your own personal opinions and suggestions directly via the Neighbourhood Plan process.

Please encourage everyone you know to participate as fully as possible.  

Now is the time to say what you think.

(posted 17 Feb)