Page updated 25 January 2013

Action to take AFTER the planning application has been submitted

Please do not assume it has already been decided, or that that planning would be refused simply because that is what has happened before. 

If you have already written, or signed a petition, you need to write again when the actual planning application is in, so that your comments are properly taken into account.

It is really important to make your views known.  Everyone can have an opinion, and everyone's opinion can count.  Make your opinion count by following the points below. 

Each person who cares about it (as many people as possible), should write to the people making the decision to say what you think about the planning application.  

N.B. Planning decisions are made according to set rules.  Objections have more effect if they clearly relate to the planning rules.   KCG will post some of the main planning points as a basis for your objections.   Please do not just copy the list! 

How to comment

  • Write your own personal comments (not signed by more than one person).
  • Base your comments on planning points.
  • Write it in your own words (not a 'standard' or 'form' letter; not copied; not cut-and-pasted).
  • If you can, make a unique point that only you could make.
  • Start with the Planning Application Reference Number.  
    • Add the name of the planning officer involved, if known.

How to send your comments to the 'planners'

  • Send your comments in a letter or on a postcard to: Planning Department, Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3AR.
    • If possible, send a copy also to Cheddar Parish Council, Parish Hall, Church Street, Cheddar, BS27 3RA
  • Afterwards, check that your comments actually appear on the website Sedgemoor Planning Online. 
    • Planning is all done online these days, so if your comments aren't online, they won't be seen by Cheddar Parish Council, and may not be seen in time by the Sedgemoor planners. 
    • Each week's comments are usually online by Saturday morning.  If your comments do not appear, it is advisable to find out what has happened. 
    • To make sure your comments are seen, re-send your comments with your email asking about them not showing online, to  and copy to

If you wish, you may also send your comments on the planning application to members of the Sedgemoor District Council Development Committee.   Scroll down the link page to see who is on the Development Committee  link.

Changes and amendments to the planning application

Keep an eye out for any changes to the planning application, which will be posted at Sedgemoor Planning Online.    Decide what you think about the changes or amendments and repeat the procedure above to send your new comments on changes or amendments to the planning application.  If your comments remain the same, say so.

Planning meetings

Attend the Planning meetings, when they happen.  It is important to turn up in person.  It is the strongest influence you could have.