You're just anti all development aren't you?
No. We do believe investment for re-furbishment is urgently required in the Lower Gorge.

Isn't that what Longleat are offering?
Their intentions for the Lower Gorge are not clear at this stage.

So what are Longleat's proposed developments in Cheddar Gorge?
Cable cars etc. in the Upper Gorge, as in the Consultation Exhibition shown by Longleat Enterprises Ltd in March 2012.

When is the planning application due?  Longleat originally intended to for planning permission sometime in the summer or autumn of 2012.   Now nearing the end of 2012, it is likely that their 2nd Public Consultation will be early in 2013, and their planning application after that.

Who makes the decision to give planning permission, or not?  Sedgemoor District Council Development Committee.  (Scroll down the page on this link to see who the Councillors are

How do I object or comment on the planning application?  Sedgemoor DC has a very clear 4-page booklet explaining what to do and how.

Hasn't Longleat tried to do something like this before?
Yes, twice. Lord Bath's application to put a Cableway in the Upper Gorge was refused planning permission. His later application to put a Cableway at Jacob's Ladder, Cheddar Gorge, was also refused.

So what's different this time?
New management.

What sort of a company is Longleat now?
Longleat Enterprises Limited continues to be a commercial company, now expanding.

Who owns Longleat Enterprises Limited?
The Marquess of Bath, Viscount Weymouth and The Trustees of the Longleat Estates. 

Who's in charge?
Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, has taken over running the business since 2010. 

Does Ceawlin have any previous business experience?
Yes, lots.

Who's in charge day-to-day?
The new Longleat Chief Executive is David Bradley, formerly Legoland Managing Director.

Is Cheddar Caves & Gorge running at a loss at the moment?  We do not know whether the following report is correct or not: Insider Media Ltd, 16 May 2012, states that for the year to 31 December 2011, "The company said there had been a 5 per cent increase on visitors to the Cheddar Caves attraction at Cheddar Gorge, which had led to a 7 per cent increase in revenue and a 32 per cent rise in trading profits.”

Are there similar cable cars anywhere else in England?
Yes, the Heights of Abraham at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire, installed in 1984.

Having had cable cars for twenty-eight years now, what are the economic effects on  Matlock Bath?
Good question.  Matlock Bath is a Mecca for motorbikers.  Some traders concentrate on providing what the bikers want, motorcycle shops, arcades, cafes, chippies etc.   They do well on the days when there are mass gatherings of bikers, about twenty-five days a year, and less well the rest of the time.  Unfortunately for the other traders, the bikers' mass gatherings tend to be on what would be excellent business days for 'real tourism'. 

What are the Heights of Abraham cable car 2012 prices?
That depends. Two adults and two children, £39. Or, two seniors and two children, £34.50.

Surely Cheddar Gorge has classifications that should prevent even the idea of cable cars etc?
Many people very easily find reasons for cable car thoughts being unthinkable. 
1. AONB – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
2. SSSI – Site of Special Scientific Interest.
3. SAC – Special Area of Conservation (an international classification).
4. NCA 141 - Part of National Character Area 141, Mendip Hills