When will Longleat hold it's Second Public Consultation?  According to Longleat's announcement of 26 February 2013 (page on this website), there may be  some further consultation in the summer 2103.  If you are planning to go away on holiday, please try to arrange an internet connection in case a planning application is submitted while you are away.

When were they originally intending to hold a second public consultation?  Originally, Mr Bradley had said at the MyCheddar meeting on 31 May 2012 that he hoped the 2nd Public Consultation would be before the summer holidays.

When will Longleat submit it's cable cars etc planning application?
A planning application could be submitted anytime, most probably after the second public consultation, e.g. during the summer holidays.   The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports are not likely to be made public until they go online with the planning application. 

How will we know when a planning application has been submitted?
Look out for the planning application at Sedgemoor DC's Planning Online website. You can sign up to be sent each week's applications by email.  

How does the planning system work?  How may I comment on a planning application?  See KCG page on how to comment.    Plus, several organisations publish helpful information booklets:

  • Somerset Wildlife Trust: Planning for Somerset’s Wildlife: advice to local residents pdf

How does Natural England fit into this planning process? 

  • Natural England is the Government’s statutory conservation adviser for England.  It provides advice to planning authorities.  It is also responsible for designated sites, such as the Cheddar Complex SSSI and the North Somerset & Mendip Bats SAC, and is responsible for Protected Species licences.  Link
What is an EIA?  What is “Scoping”?

  • Planning applications include an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which reports on aspects of the environment that would be affected by the development. Before the planning application is submitted, the 'scoping' process determines what the scope of the EIA should be.

  • N.B. The public are not involved and do not contribute to the "scoping" stage of the planning process. However, it may be instructive, and useful later, to see what is thought to be important.

What has happened so far with regard to Longleat's cable car plans?

The pre-planning "scoping" and EIA process has already started as follows:

  1. Longleat Enterprises Ltd has already sent its EIA Scoping Report to Sedgemoor District Council. 

  2. Sedgemoor DC has already sent out “scoping requests” asking 'interested parties' what further items they want considered in a planning application (if one is submitted), and what they think the scope of those EIA reports should be.

  3. A couple of these 'Scoping Opinions' are available online:

    1. Mendip Hills AONB Scoping Opinion pdf

    2. Somerset Wildlife Trust Scoping Opinion pdf.

  4. The Planning Case Officer has told Longleat what the EIA scope must be.  So, Longleat has gone on to commission professional EIA reports as required.  This is an expensive process.  So far, £300,000 has been spent on reports, according to Longleat CEO, David Bradley, at a MyCheddar meeting of Cheddar residents on 31 May 2012.  Link

  5. At that meeting, Mr Bradley kindly agreed that people with further questions about the proposed development could send them to Longleat's PR agent, Avril Baker Consultancy.   info@abc-pr.co.uk

What were the results of Longleat's First Public Consultation?
  1. March 2012 Consultation Summary Feedback Report, with Appendix.  pdf
  2. March 2012 Consultation Summary Feedback Reports, without Appendixpdf